Terms and conditions


These General Terms and Conditions of Sale determine the rights and obligations of the parties in the context of the online sale of the services offered by the company GYMLIB.

To do this, it has developed and maintains the Website dedicated to the registration of Users for the service of access to Partners’ sports centres.


In these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the following words, whether used in the singular or in the plural, are defined as follows:

• The "Company" or "GYMLIB" or "We": the company GYMLIB SAS with share capital of €38,736, located at 31 Boulevard Victor Hugo, 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, registered in the Trade and Companies Register of Nanterre Siret No. 794 597 864, using web address www.GYMLIB.com, a Website dedicated to the online sale of access to sports centres, specialised in the listing of sports centres and fitness centres. It also offers Customers the opportunity to purchase Services offered by Partners.

• "You" or "User": visitor, customer or member of the Website www.GYMLIB.com.

• "www.GYMLIB.com" or "the application": all of the content and pages to which the User or Member have access at the web address www.GYMLIB.com, namely a platform for the online sale of access to sports clubs/centres.

• "General Terms and Conditions": terms and conditions related to the use and sale of services and products on the Website or the GYMLIB application.

• "Visitor": any person occasionally consulting the Website www.GYMLIB.com, not registered as a Member.

• "Member": one (or all of the) validly-registered user(s) of the GYMLIB service, whether they have or have not paid for the use of GYMLIB.

• "Account": the individual account of each member, created when registering for the Service.

• "Content": content of any nature registered, published on the Website www.GYMLIB.com by GYMLIB, a user, a Member or any third party. Content includes text, words, information, images, videos, sounds, data, and hypertext links.

• "Partners": Partner or sports club/centre selected by GYMLIB which provides the service to the beneficiary.

• "Customer": any natural or legal person making a booking with a Partner via the GYMLIB platform.

• "Services" or "Products": products and/or services offered by a Partner in connection with the practice of sport and which are offered to you on the website www.GYMLIB.com allowing you to access the Partners’ services such as short-term entry passes.

• "Pass": offers access to partners’ sports centres/clubs proposed by GYMLIB containing several entries to sports centres over a determined period. There are 4 types of Pass that can be activated upon first entry to the sports centres/clubs with the provision of the corresponding code.


The Customer acknowledges having taken prior note of these Terms and Conditions and the privacy policy with any order for a Service and accepts their terms and conditions without limitation or restriction. This acceptance shall result from the customer ticking, prior to their order, the box corresponding to the following sentence: "I accept the general terms and conditions of sale as well as the privacy policy of GYMLIB". Ticking the box shall be deemed to have the same value as a handwritten signature of the Customer.

The General Terms and Conditions apply to the exclusion of any other document, clause or contrary indication, subject to the provisions of the internal regulations and general terms and conditions of Partners with whom these general terms and conditions do not derogate. Before any order, it is therefore recommended to all Customers to take note of the internal regulations or/and general terms and conditions of sale of the partners.

Taking into account possible extensions and improvements of the proposed service, GYMLIB reserves the right to adapt, revise or amend at any time and without notice these general terms and conditions of sale. The amendments shall thus come into force after the new conditions are published on the Website.

GYMLIB undertakes to inform members beforehand by email or by posting on the Website or the Application.

In case of rejection of the amendment, the User may renounce their GYMLIB membership and not use the Website or the services affected by the change and their account may be deleted without possibility to claim any compensation.


3.1 - Access to the Website

The website is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in cases where the Services are suspended or discontinued, in particular for the following reasons:

- Website maintenance;

- Event dependent on a third party and in particular any difficulty related to telecommunications operators and to the computer systems used by the User;

- Events of force majeure recognised as such as defined by the jurisprudence of the French courts;

- Events dependent on the User and in particular in the case of non-compliance by the latter with any of their obligations under this Contract.

In addition, GYMLIB is free at any time to remove the Website and to put an end to its publication on the Internet network.

As “GYMLIB” is an online service, Visitors, Users and Members must have an Internet connection to access it. All the costs of the telephone connections and Internet access are in their charge.

GYMLIB does not make any material means available to the User, including telephone installation, terminal equipment, software or subscription, for them to connect to the Website or the application.

To access the Service, the User must create an account on www.GYMLIB.com.

GYMLIB has only one obligation of means concerning access to and use of the Service.

Thus, GYMLIB cannot be held responsible for the unavailability, interruption or malfunction of the Website and the Application for any reason whatsoever, and in particular, in the event of failure of its Internet service provider, its host, intrusion of third parties, or force majeure.

GYMLIB cannot be held responsible for inconveniences or direct or indirect damage inherent in the use of the Internet network, such the presence of computer viruses or spyware, as among other things.

3.2 - Website Description

GYMLIB strives to accurately and realistically illustrate the Services offered to you through the Website.

The description of services on each of the Partners’ pages has been transmitted to GYMLIB by the Partners themselves under their sole responsibility. It is further specified that the photos and illustrations associated with the descriptions of Services remain illustrative and are not opposable to GYMLIB.

This information may evolve and be modified.


4.1 - Conditions of registration

Registration on the Website is reserved:

- for physical persons, adults aged eighteen (18) years and over, or having reached the legal age of majority in their country of residence, or having obtained the agreement of their legal representative (parent or guardian) if they are minor;

- for legal persons (company or service provider).

4.2 Creating an Account

Access to Services is carried out by registration of an Account by filling out and/or communicating the mandatory information required and in particular:

- Surname (for registration)

- First name (for registration)

- Email address (for registration)

- Password (for registration)

- Date of birth (for the purchase)

- Phone (for the purchase)

- Billing address (for the purchase)

The Account is a User account put at your disposal via an Account name and password. It allows you to access the Service. This information is strictly personal and confidential.

The User or the Customer is only the right holder of access to the Service, through the intermediary of an Account put at their disposal, which remains the property of GYMLIB.

The management of the Account and personal information is only carried out on www.GYMLIB.com

The Account must at least comply with the following rules:

- personal information must be accurate, verifiable, complete and up-to-date; a valid personal email address must be entered.

- connections to the Account (timetables, country, Internet access provider, prohibition of proxies) must correspond to normal use of a User Account.

- the connection procedure must match a pronounceable word (for example the word HFRJIRO does not respect this rule), not make reference to a political orientation, ethnic group, community, or religion, not be vulgar or insulting, not have a sexual or pornographic connotation, not resemble or imitate a registered trademark, not make reference to a narcotic product or any other entity prohibited by legislation, not be misspelled or spelled alternately for the purpose of circumventing the rules imposed above.

4.3 - Security

To ensure the security of each Account and thus avoid the theft of the Account commonly called "Account hacking", the Customer undertakes to:

- not give access to their Account to a third party. The loan, sharing, exchange, donation, purchase, transfer and sale of Accounts is prohibited and shall not be opposable to GYMLIB;

- take all measures in order to avoid a third party accessing their Account;

- not use the Account of a third party;

- not give out their login details, namely the account name (login) and password;

- use a personal email inbox and not share the related email address;

- see that GYMLIB can easily contact them, for whatever reason, via their email address.

The Customer is informed that their account may be closed without notice or compensation in the case where the information transmitted proves to be inaccurate or contrary to the provisions mentioned above.

4.4 - Responsibility

The security of the Account is the sole responsibility of the Customer. GYMLIB cannot be held responsible for damages that may be suffered by the Account or the computer of the Customer following the loss of or sharing of the Account login details.

GYMLIB can also not be held responsible in the case of account theft or any alterations the Customer Account may undergo.

The Customer equally acknowledges being the Account User and the one responsible for business actions via their Account and on their Account.

The Customer acknowledges that GYMLIB is not responsible for any electronic communications and content they send and that they must use the Service in compliance with applicable laws.

In its position as an intermediary, GYMLIB cannot be held responsible for any theft, bodily injury or damage that the Customer may suffer in the course of their use of the Partners’ service.

4.5 Duration of Registration

The registration is valid for an indefinite period. The User can close their Account when they wish by sending an email to help@gymlib.com for their account to be disabled (for Belgium: help.belgium@gymlib.com).

This request shall be carried out and take effect within a maximum period of 15 days from receipt by GYMLIB of the request to close the Account concerned.

In any case, this cancellation cannot lead to any right to reimbursement of Services charged by GYMLIB prior to the effective date of the cancellation. Any month started shall thus be due.

From the date of the closure of their account, the User acknowledges that all of their personal information shall be deleted or archived by GYMLIB as provided for in Article 11. It shall be up to the User to request, prior to the closure of their Account, any data they wish to recover.


GYMLIB undertakes to put a Website at the disposal of Customers allowing each Customer to consult the sports centres available according to the activities that each sports centre offers and according to a determined geographical location.

When performing a search on the Platform, all Customers are particularly invited to fill in the following information:

- Location (mandatory)

- Activity (optional)

Finally, it is hereby agreed that GYMLIB is not the seller of the service referenced on its Website. The Partner, and not GYMLIB, is the party that concludes a contract with the Customer who keeps the registration voucher in order to obtain the Services.


6. 1 - Obligations related to content and comments posted on the Website

The Website allows the User, if and only if they purchase a Service of a Partner through the Website, to comment on and mention the Partner offering the Service they were able to use through the Website, and this only after having actually used the Service.

A bonus of 5 (five) Euros is credited to the Customer account after 5 (five) comments. This bonus can be used to purchase any Service offered on the Website, knowing that a Bonus credit is non-refundable and non-exchangeable and of a value of 1 (one) Euro.

It is reminded that the User is solely and uniquely responsible for the content they distribute on the internet and in their dedicated spaces. In no case may GYMLIB be considered responsible for content created and/or distributed by the User. The User undertakes to ensure that their content and comments do not infringe on the rights of third parties (respect for copyright, discrimination regulations, the right to reputation and privacy, defamation etc.). The Customer shall not, at any time, post comments that are offensive, pornographic, racist or offensive to human dignity on the Website.

GYMLIB has the right to view comments posted by the User on the Website. In this regard, GYMLIB may be led to censor certain comments posted by the User. The User is nevertheless the only one responsible for the comments they make on the Website and undertakes to guarantee on first request to indemnify and compensate GYMLIB for any damage, loss, shortfall, complaint, responsibility and costs that GYMLIB may suffer if the responsibility of the latter is engaged by a Partner or other third parties due to an action related to this use of the Services by the User.

6.2 - Obligations related to physical access to the partners’ sports centres/clubs

The Customer must, at all times, comply with the internal regulations in force in the centre of the Partner that is the object of their order (proper attire, up-to-date medical check-up, opening hours, etc.).

Orders made on the Website are nominative and cannot be transferred. A form of identification may be requested by the Partner to ensure that the person who carried out the order is in fact the same person who presents themselves to the partner.


Purchases by the Customer are made through the online purchasing system on the Website to the exclusion of any other means of communication.

In particular, no purchase may be made by telephone, mail, e-mail, or fax. The order is preceded by an acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Any purchase leads to the immediate payment of the Service.

The purchase takes the form of a Pass allowing access to certain facilities according to the formula chosen.

The Pass has a fixed duration and is chosen at the time of purchase. Its period of validity for use is indicated at the time of purchase.


8.1 - Price

The price of registration of the Pass service is the one in force at the date of registration on the registration form.

The tariffs for the Service offered are those in force such as they appear on the website on the day of the subscription of the Pass according to:

- the activity;

- the sports centre;

- the location;

- the duration of the Pass or the number of sessions chosen.

The tariffs are denominated in euros and calculated to include all taxes.

8.2 - Tariff change

The GYMLIB Pass member service shall inform the beneficiary by email or where appropriate by mail of any tariff change at least one month before it is implemented, it being specified that such a change shall not apply to Passes and subscriptions or, more generally, any service already subscribed to or acquired.

8.3 - Payment

The Customer pays for purchases online:

- by credit card (Carte Bleue, Visa, MasterCard) through a secure payment system

- or by PayPal.

The payment that the customer makes for their registration to the Pass system is processed by GYMLIB within 3 days. Once their payment is confirmed and approved, their reservation is accepted, and a booking confirmation email sent to them.

The order validated by the Customer shall be considered effective upon confirmation of the bank's agreement to debit the client's bank account.

In the event of a refusal by the bank, the order shall be automatically cancelled, and the Customer notified by email.

The invoice is available under the heading "customer account".

GYMLIB retains an electronic copy of each invoice.

In order to ensure the security and confidentiality of the Customer’s bank details, the payment is carried out in a totally secure environment, using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) method, enabling the encryption of data and its transmission to the banking network.

In order to ensure that no one is using a card fraudulently, GYMLIB also reserves the right to verify the personal data communicated by the Customer for any order of an amount over €100 (one hundred euros). The Customer may also be asked, by mail or by email, for a copy of their ID and/or proof of residence and/or a bank document (RIB or cancelled check).

The absence of a response within 5 (five) days of the request shall automatically result in the cancellation of the order without any possibility for further claims.

Finally, GYMLIB reserves the right to refuse any order which presents one or several risk factors of fraudulent use of credit card.


In accordance with the provisions of Article L.221-18 of the French Consumer Code, the Customer, who has the status of consumer, has the right to withdraw during a period of fourteen clear days from the conclusion of the contract. The withdrawal letter is to be sent by registered letter to the following address: help@gymlib.com (Belgium: help.belgium@gymlib.com). (Withdrawal Form).

However, in accordance with Article L.221-25 of the French Consumer Code, if the Customer wishes the provision of the service to begin before the end of the withdrawal period, they must request it expressly. In the event of withdrawal after the provision of the service has begun, the Customer shall be liable to GYMLIB for an amount corresponding to the use made of the service up to the time of the decision to withdraw. This amount is proportionate to the total price of the agreed service.


GYMLIB cannot be held responsible in the event of a force majeure, as provided for by law and as defined by the jurisprudence of French courts and tribunals, including the interruption, reduction or disruption of electricity or other utilities, or any interruptions in telecommunications networks.


In accordance with its privacy policy, GYMLIB respects all applicable provisions in terms of the protection of privacy and personal data, including the amended law of 6 January 1978 relating to computing, files and freedoms as well as EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

11.1 Data collected

GYMLIB collects and retains the personal data listed in Article 4.2 that the User has voluntarily and directly provided, and in particular at the time of registration to the Service or in the context of the use of the Service.

11.2 Purposes of data use

The User is informed and accepts that GYMLIB, in its capacity of data controller, collects and processes their personal data for the following purposes:

- Administrative and commercial management of Services;

- Processing requests (including maintaining and improving services);

- Collecting payments (including facilitating payments, sending receipts);

- Generating anonymous statistics relating to service use, centres visited, or types of sports practised;

- Generating tests or surveys on the quality of the Service, paths to improvement or any other information likely to enable GYMLIB to improve its service, operation and services;

- Sending communications that are of interest to the User, including newsletters and information relating to the use of services;

- Performing internal operations, including for example preventing fraud and misuse of services, troubleshooting software bugs and operational problems, performing analyses of data, tests, research, checking and analysing trends in terms of use and activity;

- Customising and improving services, including offering or recommending features, content and advertisements;

- Ensuring compliance with the applicable legislation and responding to injunctions of the legal authorities and in particular fighting fraud and more generally any criminal activity;

- Checking the consistency of User statements with the following documentation: proof of ID, document showing the date of birth of any child(ren), proof of address, proof of public liability insurance with the name and surname of the child(ren);

- Checking that any employees registering through their company’s policy subscription is still in employment at said company.

11.3 Recipient of data collected

The collected data may be communicated as necessary to the sports centres, business clients with a business offer (whose employees purchased a subscription through their company), sub-contractors, and providers of GYMLIB. These data transfers are made only in the context of the operations mentioned previously and within the limits necessary for the execution of the tasks that we entrust to third parties. When the nature of the operation performed allows, the data is subject to prior anonymisation before being communicated to third parties.

GYMLIB may also transmit the data if legally required in order to comply with any judicial request, in the context of inquiries and investigations or to ensure the security of its Users.

11.4 Duration of data retention

Personal data is kept only for the time necessary to fulfil of the purpose of its collection.

Personal data which is no longer of interest at the time of the closure of an Account by a User is at the very least deleted or anonymised by GYMLIB.

The data, when still of interest, may however be archived at the end of the following periods:

- 5 years after the last use of the Platform, if the User does not close their Account

- One year after the closure of the Account

Finally, the following categories of personal data are likely to be retained for different periods of time:

- Financial data is kept for the duration required by the applicable tax and accounting laws:

- If an Account has been blocked, GYMLIB retains the data for a period ranging from 2 to 10 years in order to avoid any circumvention by the User of the rules in force on the Website.

11.5 Rights of the User

Each User is informed of their right to access, modify, rectify or delete any data relating to them.

To exercise this right, the User may send their request free of charge to the following address:

- help@gymlib.com (help.belgium@gymlib.com for Belgium)

- or by post to: GYMLIB - Data Processing Service, 31 Bd Victor Hugo 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine, France.

They must indicate your surnames, first names, e-mail address and home address and provide proof of identity.

GYMLIB undertakes to reply to any request within the maximum period of 15 (fifteen) days from its receipt, provided it is sufficiently precise and contains all the elements necessary to respond to the request, otherwise GYMLIB shall prompt the User to complete it.

11.6 Use of Cookies

In order to improve the quality of its service and to better respond to the expectations of its Users, GYMLIB may need to collect the User’s personal data, including through the use of cookies.

The acceptance of these cookies is mandatory for any subscription.

Finally, GYMLIB also reserves the right to collect certain information:

- related to your computer (IP, access provider, hardware configuration, software configuration);

- related to the service (log and history of all exchanges of data, log and history of connections).


In the event of a violation of one or several provisions of these General Terms and Conditions or any other document prepared by GYMLIB (GTC, TOU, FAQ), the latter reserves the right to terminate or restrict, without any prior warning and at its sole discretion, the use of and access to the Service, to the Account and to all other GYMLIB Websites or Applications.

The sanctions are linked to the severity of the violation. They may consist, in a non-restrictive manner, of the following actions:

Warning: A warning has no direct consequence on the Account. The User can continue to use the service without change. It is there primarily to warn that there is a risk of greater sanctions if there is continued violation of the GYMLIB rules.

Suspension of (3) days: The suspension of three days is generally used in the case of a first significant infringement of the rules. It is the first level applicable on the scale of Account suspensions.

Definitive suspension: The Account is permanently closed; the User can no longer access it. This sanction is generally applied in the case of repeat offences or serious or unforgivable violation of the rules of GYMLIB. In a non-exhaustive manner, the account may be suspended for the following reasons: loan or transfer to a third party, non-payment of the service, false information (last name, first name, etc.) non-compliance with the terms of use of the facilities of the partners.

GYMLIB reserves the right to apply any sanction to an Account, taking into account the gravity of the violation, without necessarily warning or applying a sanction of lesser duration in advance.

In addition to the sanctions described above, GYMLIB may impose appropriate sanctions, including engaging in civil and criminal proceedings against the offender.

Unless otherwise provided for in these General Terms and Conditions or exceptional agreement of GYMLIB, there shall be no refund if the Account is cancelled before the end of the subscription period.


All the constituent elements of the Website (including domain names, general structure, tree structure of the Website, text, trademarks, graphics, graphic design, iconography, logos, sounds, photos, animations, databases, as well as the Website itself) are, to the exclusion of elements coming from our partners, the property of GYMLIB or are the subject of legal authorisation of use, and the User undertakes to respect this right of ownership.

The protection of the Website lies, therefore, within national and international laws relating to intellectual property law including those concerning the law of trademarks and copyright. Therefore, any reproduction, representation, redistribution, use, distribution, copy, misrepresentation, transmission, adaptation, decompilation or translation, in whole or in part, on any media, electronic or not, present or future, is prohibited without the express prior and written permission of GYMLIB.

Similarly, no right or license shall be assigned to the User on any of the elements of the Website without the prior written authority of GYMLIB or the third party, the rights holder on these elements.

The User is duly informed that the infringement of the rights vested in GYMLIB is likely to constitute an act of counterfeiting, a civil fault, an infringement of copyright and individual rights, incurring civil and criminal liabilities of any offender. This applies in particular to images or photographs of people or places displayed on the Website, property of GYMLIB and/or used by GYMLIB with the agreement of the rights holder.

Similarly, the information databases are protected by law, so that any extraction or attempt at quantitatively or qualitatively substantial extraction, whether total or partial, is likely to incur the civil and criminal liabilities of any offender.


Each type of service may be subject to special conditions.


In the event of one of the provisions or any clauses of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale becoming null and void, unable to produce the outcome in consideration of what has been advertised, inapplicable, unenforceable, non-valid or illegal, the other provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall not be affected and the parties shall not be relieved of their obligations to execute said contract.

In this event, GYMLIB shall substitute as soon as possible a provision or clause that is valid and satisfactory to the Parties instead of and in place of the provision or clause whose validity is affected.


These General Terms and Conditions are governed by French law and the French language.

In the event of dispute or complaint from the User, GYMLIB or a third party, relating to the use of the service, the only version of these General Terms and Conditions that shall be binding between the parties is the one available on the GYMLIB Application or via the Website www.GYMLIB.com, regardless of the date of the disputed facts.

In the absence of amicable solution, and in accordance with Article L.612-1 of the French Consumer Code, the Customer is informed of the possibility of free recourse, in the case of dispute, to a conventional mediation procedure or to any other alternative mode of dispute settlement.

In the absence of an agreement between the Parties, a resolution of the dispute by way of alternative procedures and subject to mandatory provisions to the contrary, any dispute and/or difficulty in the interpretation or execution of the Contract shall be under the jurisdiction of the competent French courts.



The aim of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale is the provision by GYMLIB of a service to Employees providing access to sports facilities. They complement the General Terms and Conditions of Sale on the website Gymlib.com in regards to the Business Offer.


The Business Offer allows the Employee (or Customer) to access sports centres and sporting facilities referenced on the website Gymlib.com, hereinafter referred to as "Facilities", as part of a single sport subscription.

Each visit pass allowing access to a Facility as part of the Business Offer is defined by the term "Pass".

1. Presentation of packages

The employee chooses between three packages: Standard, Advanced, and Premium, corresponding respectively to access to Facilities that are "low cost", "mid-range" and "Premium" within the Gymlib network.

It should be noted that the Standard package Facilities are included in the Advanced package and that those in the Advanced package are included in the Premium package.

Whatever package is selected, the subscription allows the user to take advantage of one activity per day (in other words a maximum use of 30 passes per month).

2. Access to facilities

The number of entries to Facilities during the subscription period depends on the package chosen by the Employee and the conditions set out by each centre or network. This number of entries may change over time on the sole initiative of GYMLIB without constituting a change in the General Terms and Conditions of Sale or the General Terms and Conditions of Use.

Use is only authorised for the Employees themselves and their identity card is required to enter the Facilities.

The Pass must be presented at each visit to a sports Facility, in digital or paper format.

If, in spite of the efforts of GYMLIB, certain Facilities are removed from the GYMLIB offer or are no longer available, GYMLIB undertakes to do its best to ensure that new Facilities are added to the offer in order to retain the expected quality of the Service.

3. Conditions of purchase and cancellation of the subscription

3.1 Purchase and renewal

The Business Offer allows access to services offered by the partners’ sports Facilities for one month from the date of purchase.

The monthly subscription is renewable by tacit agreement, and the direct debit is taken on the day of the date of expiry of the current subscription. For example, for a subscription registered on the 8th of August, renewal by direct debit shall be done on the 8th of each month up to its termination.

No subscription refunds shall be possible for the current month, even if the subscription has not been used in the course of the month.

3.2 Pass Validity

The Passes have a limited duration of use which is specified on the electronic ticket (e-mail, PDF).

Any failure to comply with these General Terms and Conditions of Sale is likely to lead to an immediate cessation of the subscription.

3.3 Change to the package and cancellation

As the subscription is without commitment, the customer may change and cancel their subscription or change the package at any moment so long as it respects the procedure indicated by GYMLIB.

They must notify GYMLIB no later than 4 business days prior to the renewal date of the subscription, to be taken into account in particular for the monthly payments being made at the due-date of the current month. Otherwise, the request shall be taken into account in the following month.

These requests can be carried out by e-mail to help@gymlib.com.

For Belgium: help.belgium@gymlib.com or by calling +32 2 588 25 85.

3.4 Penalties

Certain services offered by partners require a prior reservation. The employee is able to cancel their reservation within a specific time period with each Partner.

They undertake to cancel their reservation within the provided time limit if they cannot participate in the reserved service. If they do not participate in the reserved service, or if they cancel it after the provided time limit, the employee undertakes to pay a fixed sum of fifteen euros (15 euros) per non-honoured reservation that they shall be charged for separately. It is the responsibility of the Employee to prove that the non-compliance with the time limit for the cancellation or the non-presentation at the service is outside of their control (medical certificate). Penalties of the same amount (15 euros per service) may be charged in the case of use outside of the period of validity of the subscription.